And she’s back…


Once upon a time, I wrote a blog post about how part of my creative process involves periods where I disappear for a bit. But this last gap has been unusually long. So, before I dive right back into blogging again, I feel I owe my readers an explanation.

Last fall, I was in rehearsal for a production of The Tempest in which I had the lead role. The work involved in that production took a lot out of me. In November, while performing the role, I became sick and without the time I needed to rest, what started as a nasty upper respiratory virus became pneumonia and I spent months recovering properly.

After Christmas, while still recovering from pneumonia, I had another theatre production, this time mentoring a new director and helping her learn how to run a show. She did a great job, and I spent a lot of time in rehearsal coaching her when she needed it.

At the same time, I committed to a major deadline for the next revision of my novel in progress, took on three other writing projects, and managed the winter sports schedule for my four kids.

The result has been an exhausted and over-scheduled Kate, and the blogging has suffered.

Now that the major writing projects are off my plate for now, I am coming back to the blogging. So there should be more from me coming up soon.



9 thoughts on “And she’s back…

  1. Tobin says:

    Good to see you back, Kate! Looks like we both kind of got our asses in gear lately.

  2. Julianne Rice says:

    Welcome back, beautiful!
    It’s all good. Having done what you did gives you grist for the mill and substance for these forthcoming blogs. It’s the ebb and flow that makes it the InterPlay Way rather than a tightly scheduled boot camp. BIBO ­čśë

  3. Allysson says:

    I second what Julianne said. I honestly didn’t realize how sick you were over the winter. Glad you are feeling better. Spring is good! (unless like me you have terrible allergies). Looking forward to more of Kate. I always find what you write to be thought provoking. Love you!

  4. Donna Leonard says:

    So, what you are saying, is you have a LIFE outside of blogging. ­čÖé

  5. Susan says:

    Always great to see you and read your writing, Kate! Looking forward to more!

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