Holding it Together When Things Get Busy, Part I

When Things Get Busy

Have you ever found that all the projects you have on the back burner came to a boil at the same time?

It is exciting when projects move from potential to production. But, the transition can require some adjustments. When more than one project makes the switch, your routines may need more than a little tweaking. Changing habits is hard, and especially so with the pressure of imminent deadlines. How do you do manage the transition without tearing your hair out?

Everything in my life has been in overdrive in November except this blog. I have been working behind the scenes to set up several projects.

Coming in 2013, in addition to my writing and theatrical activities, I will be:

  • Training as a writing circle facilitator and setting up a new circle
  • Teaching InterPlay workshops at a new facility
  • Setting up a new business as a creativity coach

All of this started coming together at once. And although it has been an adrenaline-filled rush, it has had me drawing on all of my tools for managing a multivalent life.

If you have been reading this blog for long, you know that my favourite life-management tools come from InterPlay, improv, and theatre.

Coming up over the next few posts, I will share some of the tools I have been relying on heavily over the last month. But first, a quick look at getting started.

Show Up and Start Anywhere

It doesn’t really matter where you start, but you must start. When there are too many things that need doing, just pick something and do it. Activity builds activity. And it doesn’t matter if you could have made a better choice. Getting started will often reveal what needs to be done better than any list-making preparation.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, pick one small task you know will move a project in the right direction. Now go and do it.

10 thoughts on “Holding it Together When Things Get Busy, Part I

  1. Mona says:

    Thanks Kate! Looking forward to more tips, and seeing how the rest of this unfolds for you! Sounds exciting!

  2. Gloria says:

    Kate how wonderful to experience the more of you! We are what we express. Wonderful to share these few moments with you. Thanks for bringing your bright spirit into focus. Hugs, gloria

  3. Allysson says:

    Thank you!
    And congratulations – how exciting!

  4. muz4now says:

    Kate, it’s amazing how many wonderfully creative pursuits you manage simultaneously!
    How can I learn more about your new InterPlay teaching?

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