Mixing Things Up

I have been busy not writing.

Partly, this is end of school year stuff with the kids, but mostly, this is inviting my muse to be more daring before I head back into revisions. I had been feeling penned in by the synopsis I wrote of my novel for the class I took this spring. And I had lost the fun. So, I stepped back from requiring my muse to deliver material associated with the synopsis and asked her to play with the ideas that were what inspired me to write the book in the first place. She has been very obliging. Ideas are flowing again and I am looking forward to diving back into the writing.

Bubbles and Butterflies

I have been anticipating writing without getting my butt in the writing chair. This is delicious but needs to stop.

I had to take time away from writing recently because I am directing again.

Directing is my creative home: my decades of theatrical experience have taught me enough that I know what I am doing and how to do it. Each production is different and the challenges presented by working with this particular group of people on this specific play are unique enough to be interesting while rarely feeling unmanageable. Directing is never easy, but I can do it with relative ease. I am in the middle of auditions now. And then, there will be a few rehearsals scattered through the summer before the production process starts up at full speed after Labour Day.

My goal is to complete the next revision of the novel before Labour Day.

To meet this goal, I will have to avoid my latest creative distraction, an iPad app.


Mixel is an image-mixing environment. The process is like taking digital musical samples and remixing them into a new musical piece, but with pictures. You can use provided images or upload your own.


There is also a social-media option. You can create private or public images. Public images are available for comment and re-mixing. Entire threads of pictures created through remixing a set of images provide a glimpse of how several people have responded to the same images.

The interface is simple, though not completely intuitive.

I have not connected with people I actually know on Mixel. All of my interactions are based entirely on the images that appeal to me. It is an interactive, visual experience.

And my muse loves playing with it.

Check it out. Remix some pictures. I’d love to know what you think of the program.

7 thoughts on “Mixing Things Up

  1. Patrick Ross says:

    There is something to be said, Kate, for cheating on your writing muse with a theatre muse and a visual arts muse. There are nine muses, after all, and they all show up at the dance; giving each a spin on the floor at some point or another doesn’t seem so bad.

    • Kate Arms-Roberts says:

      I love the image of the nine muses at a dance.

      I sometimes feel like they are having a wild party in my consciousness. They egg each other on into wilder and wilder territory and then crash together and rest til the next party.

      I wrote fiction last night inspired by one of the pictures I put together earlier in the day. It is a process that builds on itself.

  2. Patrick Ross says:

    Just read your latest post, and I see what you mean.

  3. As an introvert and a “thruster,” I find that I actually get so much done when I step away from working on a project & allow my muse to work her magic, rather than thrusting away with my usual drive and insisting on getting things done & putting myself out there NOW. My muse is more daring when that time is there to let things float around and arrange themselves in different creative combinations…and then I am prepared to go forward with conviction. Now, to check out Mixel… 🙂

    • Kate Arms-Roberts says:

      Thanks for bringing the language of the body movement patterns up. When I did the FEBI with Cynthia Winton-Henry last year, we talked about striving for balance between the patterns. Having assignments for class and other commitments to share writing with people, I thrusted my way through a lot of work in the beginning of this year.

      I am definitely hanging when I use Mixel.

      I am sure there is a lesson in using the movement patterns to bring awareness to my creative process, and probably some ways I can use InterPlay to work through blocks.

      Lots to play with there. Thank you.

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