Side by Side Stories with Connection


What’s the story you most desire to bring to life in 2016?   

What’s the story your just-right client most desires to bring to life in 2016?

Where do your two stories overlap?

Jen Louden

My Story

The story I most want to bring to life in 2016 is the story of my earned income through coaching replacing all the spousal support I have received from my ex-husband since we separated. This is the story of establishing my independence, my competence, my strength. This is the story of sharing the gifts I bring to the world and being rewarded for it.

This is the story of my success.

The Story of My Just-Right Client

My just-right client has their own version of success, but the core of what they want from life is to feel that they are valued and that what they are doing in the world is meaningful. The story my just-right client wants to bring to life in 2016 is the transformation of their life from hum-drum to vibrant.

Side by Side Stories with Connection

Although my story and the stories of my just-right clients are separate, they connect in the heart of my coaching work.

My coaching work is to help people articulate their own definitions of a meaningful and successful life, clarify what practical and mental shifts are required to make that life a reality instead of a dream, and to walk with them through the process as the champion of their best self.

When they pay me for this companionship, they commit to making their story a reality and they play a part in making mine a reality, too.

We walk separate paths, side by side, with connections.

With each other.

In our work.

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