Time to Do the Things


What advice would your future self
a year from now give you today?


“The time for study is over. 2016 is a year for action.”
Kate Arms, January 1, 2017


2015 was a year for deep integration of knowledge I accumulated over many years: intellectual ideas, embodied experiences, writing skills, and business building acumen.

Here at the end of the year it is clear that my habit of always looking for more knowledge has reached the end of its immediate usefulness. The learning that needs to occur next is learning that can only be done through action.

I have a choice now. I can continue in student-mode, gathering new information from teachers, or I can step into apprentice mode, learning through practice and feedback from mentors. As with all transitions, facing this choice is bringing fear and anxiety about the unknown nature of who I will be after the change to mind. But, my deep knowing is that if I do not step bravely into apprentice mode, I will never become the master I wish to be.

I must take this step.

I have the knowledge I need to take the next 4-5 steps of development of my skills and business. I know how to learn more as I am ready. I have people in my life who are ready and willing to walk with me and help me as I take the next steps.

It is time.

If I do not take these steps in the next year, I will find myself at the end of 2016 full of regret for missed opportunities.

Future Kate is asking Present Kate to step into a future without those regrets.

And Present Kate is drawing on her courage and saying “Yes, I will.”


Tuesday’s prompt for Quest 2016 comes from Dr. Tina Seelig, a faculty director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP).

2 thoughts on “Time to Do the Things

  1. Donna Earl Leonard says:

    My future self would say, “Just get the heck off of Facebook and, write more, knit and crochet more, draw more, color more, exercise more, organize more and more often!” (This may or may not be listed in descending importance ;))

  2. Suzi says:

    Yesss! Apprentice mode. It is time. Go for it!

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